Let’s Grow More Internship


I had applied for Let’s Grow More Virtual Internship Program for Data Science in August 2021. There were 10 tasks in total ranging from Beginners level, Intermediate level to advance level. Out of these, we were asked to complete at least 2 tasks for an internship certificate and all the 10 tasks for a Letter of Recommendation.

By performing some of the tasks that it asked us to do helped me in developing my skills and problem solving, helped me learn how to approach the problem through different methods and also taught me to implement new features. The versatility of domain in tasks helped to gain knowledge in different fields and aspects of the same mega domain.

About the tasks

The tasks were cautiously designed to gain immense knowledge and learn new skills for data science enthusiast like us. I really enjoyed working on the projects. And explaining these videos on LinkedIn posts gave me confidence to enhance my speaking and communication skills.

I completed 2 tasks :

  1. Stock Market Prediction And Forecasting Using Stacked LSTM
  2. Prediction using Decision Tree Algorithm


I was able to connect with number of people in LGM community who were equally dedicated as me towards their projects and helped us exchange our ideas with each other.

I would like to thank Aman Kesarwani and LetsGrowMore for this wonderful opportunity which has helped me to learn and grow. This experience would help me to het more and more involved in Data Science Projects and would have a great impact on my future endeavors. Do visit letsgrowmore.in and letsgrowmore.in/vip for more such opportunities.



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