My experience with LetsGrowMore’s Summer Of Code

Akash Jain
2 min readAug 11, 2021


First I would like to tell you a liitle bit about LetsGrowMore .

LetsGrowMore is a community of the students, for the students and by the students. It will help students gain personal and professional skills in the area of Technological development. Their purpose is to provide a structure through which students may exercise their right to freely associate in pursuit of a common purpose or goal that enhances the community. They organize various programs for the students throughout the year one of which was LGM-SoC (LGM-Summer of Code).

What is LGM-SoC ?

LGM — SOC is an online program designed to encourage student participation in open source software development under the guidance of mentors from the open source community. There are numerous projects involved in this program like ML, Web Development ,Python scripts , Flutter, Data Structures and much more. This is very great program to understand open source and learn to made contributions in open source projects by either working on an issue and make an issue for the respective project.

Lets Grow More Summer of Code 2021 (LGM SoC’21) kickstarted its first-ever Summer of Code with 60+ projects, 120+ mentors, and 4000+ fellow participants who contributed to building this amazing community which enabled my active participation leading to successful project completion.

For more details you can refer their website:

My experience with LGMSOC’21

My experience with LGMSOC’21 was a fruitful one. I contributed to 4 projects in which I contributed to python and machine learning issues and successfully made 7 pull requests merged. Mentors guide us wherever we got wrong and tells us everytime how to make a best pull request. I also learned about different issues and pull requests templates which will help to understand admin and mentors to understand our issues and pull requests. It was truly a great experience to contribute to the Project.

I contributed to:

  1. ML-ProjectKart by Prathima Kadari

2. Hacking-Scripts by Tejas

3. Hands-on-ML-Basic-to-Advance- by Niketkumardheeryan

4. Nutrihelp by Ashutosh Sahu

I would like to thank LGM SoC core team members for arranging such an amazing 2-month Summer of Code.

Currently, I am doing the Data Science Internship under the LGM-VIP Program. And I look forward for more opportunities from LetsGrowMore in future.

Thank you for reading!